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through technology

We love the natural beauty of wine, but we also believe technology can help us all get more pleasure from it…


sipp APP

Using augmented reality to bring your sipp wines to life

"The sipp app is amazing. I love all the info just popping up when you scan the label so I don't have to look anything up. The food match recommendations are most useful, but I also like to see which wines are similar, especially if I really like the bottle we've opened."



sipp is fully integrated with Amazon, so just ask Alexa…

"I've got really used to using Alexa for music and recipes, so it's great that she can tell me about my sipp wines too. She even understands my dodgy pronunciation! Well, most of the time…"


Easily find the perfect wine for any dish, mood or occasion .

"I find sipp search really handy. I use it to find a dinner match for the wines in my box or if I need a wine to take to a party or want to impress someone, I can just search and it'll recommend a couple of really good bottles. Makes my life easier!"



Browse all our sippBOX wines to build your own selection

"It's a really good idea that you don't have to stick to the recommended wines in the sippBOX. It's not that I don't want them, I just like the fact that I can see what else is available, and sometimes I'll swap a white or rosé for a red (I prefer red wines)."


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