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sipp wine Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What is the sippBOX subscription?

The sippBOX is the product our squad of monthly subscribers enjoy, three amazing and different wines per month for just £29 (including FREE delivery). As part of the subscription you receive tasting notes, food pairings and learning materials to take you from a wine lover to a savvy oenophile (that’s French for ‘wine geek’!). You will also benefit from an exclusive 20% discount when you buy any additional sipp wines. 


What if I don't like the selection you choose?

Not a problem! We appreciate everyone has different tastes and we want to be the most flexible UK wine subscription. We therefore offer a 'Build Your Own' box, whereby you can choose your owns wines each month! This is for the same price as the discovery at a very valuable £29. 


Can I send my sippBOX to someone else?

Yes of course!  Simply add the sippBOX to your basket, and enter their shipping details in the checkout. Don’t forget to add a free gift message on the basket page. If you’re not sure about this, just drop us a line on We also offer 1, 3 and 6 month subscription gifts. 


Do I have to be in the sippBOX to buy from you?

No of course not, just select the ‘Buy Wine’ tab at the top of the page and shop by whichever category you wish. Remember to send us a message on the online chat if you would like advice or a recommendation. As a sippBOX member however, not only do you get your sippBOX but you will also receive 20% off those wines if you choose to sipp them again that month.


Where do I subscribe?

Just click 'Try a sippBOX' button on our menu and get sipping! 


How do I get the discount I have been offered?

If you have a promo code, just apply it when you get to the checkout and your order will be discounted for you. Please note only one discount code can be used at a time. If you are experiencing any issues redeeming a code just drop us a line at 


Is there any restriction on pausing my subscription?

No, you can pause anytime and for however long you need!  We’ll keep you well informed of when your next sippBOX is due so you’ll have plenty of warning if you need to pause for any reason.


How do I add wine to my next sippBOX delivery?

There are two ways for you to add a wine to your next sippBOX delivery, just make sure you are logged in to your sipp account first.

  • Just find a product on the sipp website that you want to add to your next box, and on this page you will see a section called 'sippBOX Add-On'. Here you can choose the quantity you would like to add and hit 'Add to next delivery'.
  • You will also see wine recommended for you on your online account dashboard. If this catches your eye, choose your desired quantity and tap 'Add', and done!


How do I cancel my subscription?

If for any reason you would like to cancel your sippBOX subscription you can do this anytime from your online account, or you can just send us a message on live chat or send an email to and we will sort that out for you.


Payments and promotions

Which card types do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards.


Deliveries and Returns

Am I entitled to free delivery?

If you order a sippBOX or spend more than £40 on an order, you’re entitled to free next working day delivery. In order to receive delivery the next working day, orders must be placed before 4pm. Please note if you order on a Friday (before 4pm), your order will arrive on Monday, and if you order over the weekend it will arrive on Tuesday. 


What are your delivery options?

You can view our full range of delivery options here


Can I get delivery same day?

We do offer a same day delivery service to selected London postcodes. It costs £9.99 and the order must be for available stock and placed before midday. You can see the list of available postcodes here.


Do you deliver at weekends?

Yes we offer a Saturday delivery service. This costs £9.99 and must be ordered by 4pm the Friday before. It will arrive by 1pm on the Saturday.


How do I know when my delivery will come?

For next working delivery you will be sent a message by our courier service (UK Mail) the morning of your expected delivery with an estimated one hour time slot for when it will arrive. If you are not going to be in there are options provide to rearrange the delivery. 


What if I am not going to be in for my delivery?

On the morning of your delivery our courier will give you 3 options to alter the delivery. You can either have it left with a neighbour, at a local collection point or select an alternative delivery day within the next two working days.


Can my delivery be left in a safe place?

Unfortunately, due to the nature of our products (being alcoholic), our courier requires a signature on delivery.  But don’t worry, if you are not going to be in, you can ask for it to be delivered to a neighbour, left at the local post office for you to collect or rearrange the delivery over the next 2 working days.


I don’t like my wine, can I return it?

Sometimes there can be faults in wine. Unfortunately no matter what the quality of the wine, these can occur. And sometimes you just won’t like it, simple as. We’d hate it if you didn’t enjoy one of our wines, so we’ll replace it with something we think you’ll love. Just pop us an email at


There is something wrong with the wine I bought, can I have a refund?

All our wines are sourced from top quality producers and undergo rigorous quality control procedures when they arrive with us. However, in the rare event that there is a fault with the wine, please send an email to and we will make suitable arrangements. 


Some of my wines were broken on delivery, what should I do?

At sipp we only use the best couriers to ensure swift and safe delivery of our sipps. However, accidents can happen. If any of our sipps have anything wrong with them we’ll replace them, if you could send us a picture that would be really helpful. If you have any queries about our returns policies you can read them in more detail here or send us an email at


Our sipps

I have a dietary requirement, which of your wines can I drink?

If you want to see which of our wines are organic, vegan or vegetarian select ‘Buy wine’ at the top of our website, select the colour you would like and apply the ‘Speciality’ filter to meet your requirements. If you would like any further advice on this then please message us via the online chat or email us at


Do you sell wine without sulphites?

No. Sulphur Dioxide is a key ingredient in the winemaking process in order to preserve the freshness of the grapes on their way to the winery and to create a quality wine once there. If you wish to have a wine with a lower sulphite content then we would recommend you go organic. To find our organic wines select ‘All wine’ at the top of our website, select the colour you would like and apply the ‘Feature’ filter to meet your requirements. If you would like any further advice on this then just send us a message using the online chat or email us at 


Can I give you feedback on my sipp?

Of course, and we would love you to. You can leave us product reviews under any of our products, and we also have a Trustpilot page which anyone can review us. Please also share your sipps on social media! 


I am still not sure what to buy, can I get a recommendation?

Of course, we are always on hand to help, just drop us a message on live chat or send us an email at and we would be happy to help.


Storage and service

Where should I keep my wines?

Wines don’t like heat or intense light. Preferably you should keep your wines somewhere cool and dark, particularly if you plan on keeping them for an extended period of time. Wines left in hot places, or in direct sunlight can spoil in the bottle. It’s also best not to store white wines in the fridge for an extended period.


How should I store my wines?

Wines with corks should ideally be kept on their sides, this keeps the corks moist and stops air getting in that might oxidise the wine. If you don’t have a wine rack you can always use the cardboard splitter inside the sippBOX. Wines with screw caps can be stored upright.


How long should I keep my wines?

It’s a common misconception that all wines improve with age. It’s true that some do. However, the majority of wines produced today, and the majority of our sipps are designed to be drunk in their youth. We sell our sipps in their prime, whilst a couple might improve with extended ageing, we recommend consuming all our sipps within a year of purchase. Wines that are not intended for ageing will just lose their flavour and become a bit dull. If you would like advice on a particular sipp feel free to drop us a message.


What temperature should I serve my wine?

Serving wines at the wrong temperature can limit your sipping experience.

White wines served too cold will lose their aromas and flavours, equally if they are too warm they will taste flat and lose their freshness. 7-10 degrees is perfect for whites (all our sipps have their ideal serving temperature in the product description or you can use the sipp app). 

Red wines served too warm will be unbalanced and the alcohol will be pronounced, too cold and they lose their fruits and the acidity is over pronounced. Red wines should be served between 10-18 degrees, generally the lighter the red the cooler it should be served, use the app for specific wines and temperatures. 

Sparkling wines should be served between 6-11 degrees, and rose between 7 and 13 degrees.


Should I decant my wine?

Probably not. There are two reasons for decanting wine, one is to remove sediment, the other is to encourage oxygen into the wine to allow it to ‘open up’. This is mostly reserved for red wines, primarily young wines that should ideally be aged for longer. The majority of our sipps are in their optimum drinking window so shouldn’t need decanting, equally very few of them will ‘throw’ a sediment. However, if you would like advice for individual bottles, just drop us a message. It’s worth mentioning that most reds will benefit from an hour of being open to ‘breathe’. This will allow the air to get in and the aromas and flavours to develop, otherwise the wine can taste a bit ‘closed’.


How long will my bottle last once it has been opened?

As soon as oxygen comes into contact with wine it will begin to affect its aromas and flavours. Initially this can be really beneficial and will bring wines to life. However, after a couple of days the wine will lose its intensity and after about a week it is likely to taste pretty unpleasant. We’d suggest, once opened, a bottle is consumed within 3 days. Another great tip is to get hold of rubber wine stoppers and a pump, these remove oxygen from the bottle creating a vacuum and will keep wine fresh for up to a week.


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