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We’re not the UK’s most flexible wine subscription for nothing! If you want to skip a month, let us know.

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As a sippBOX subscriber, you benefit from an exclusive 20% discount on all sippBOX wines, and a selected number of great wines in our bottle shop.

If you leave us, you will no longer have access to this discount and other exclusive offers 🙁


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During your time with us you have been building up sipp points. These can be used to get money off your subscription or discounts in our bottle shop.

If you leave us, you will lose all of your hard-earned points 🙁

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choose your own wine

Remember we're the only wine subscription that let's you pick your own wines each month, and each month we add new wines you can choose from. We put you in complete control.

We also allow you to make the most of your FREE delivery and add extra wines to your sippBOX at an exclusive discount.

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If you are sure you'd like to cancel, we can part ways with a friendly online hug.

We would really appreciate some feedback from you. Any information you can give us really helps us to improve in future, and hopefully we can welcome you back sometime.


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