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Why sipp?

sipp was created for one simple reason. We want to make sure everyone enjoys great quality wines at home.

How do

we compare?

sipp prides itself on being the UK's best-loved wine company, and we are constantly striving to give our customers what they want.

That's why we created innovative tools to make your experience of wine that bit more special. Not many others can say that...



It all began with Moez Seraly, a Madagascan-Frenchman who has a passion for great quality wines. He and a handful of carefully selected winemakers and chateaux from Bordeaux, Burgundy and Champagne all got together with the intent of making exceptional, authentic and great quality wine an affordable luxury.

Over time we opened the doors to more exceptional winemakers - craftsmen and craftswomen from around the globe, including Italy, Spain, Chile, Argentina, New Zealand and many others. That is how sipp was born!



We want to bring the wine industry into the 21st Century and beyond. We have developed a simple to use app using augmented reality technology that is exclusively available to our customers. Join the revolution and get a sommelier experience at home.

What we


Through the sippBOX, our subscription model will take you on a journey, bringing you incredible wine from all over the globe. We’ll supply you with the secret recipes that will help you to enjoy your wine to its greatest potential and to understand your own taste.

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