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Pinot Grigio is a must have on every wine list due to its raving popularity in the past decade. Due to its versatility and ease of drinking in any occasion this little grape has gone from strength to strength. Originating from Burgundy, it has travelled far and wide delivering a broad and fascinating array of styles.
Pinot Gris is one of the ‘noble grape’ varieties of Alsace, giving a distinctive, oily texture contributing to its full-bodied nature. High alcohol and spicy flavours make for wines with a strong personality that can be paired with full flavoured foods that are more traditionally eaten with red wines, such as veal and pork.
On the other side of Europe the Italians have re-modelled this variety into a fun, light and easy drinking option for white wine lovers. This mouth-watering and refreshing style is perfect for those summer days spent in the garden and doesn’t require food for enjoyment!


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