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1.2 Let’s Sparkle!

When you’ve treated yourself to some decent wine glasses, you want to keep them looking sparkling and new, and avoid damage. Here’s are a few do’s and dont's for cleaning and storing glassware.

Don’t use lots of rinsing agent if you’re cleaning glassware in the dishwasher. Rinsing agents can leave behind odours  and give wine an unpleasant aftertaste the next time you use them.

Do fill the glass with hot water right after use. This will loosen any deposits. You can avoid using soap entirely and wipe the rim with a  damp sponge to remove lip marks and remove any finger marks with a dishcloth.

Don’t soak wine glasses in dishwashing detergent. The odour of the soap will linger and impact on your next wine drinking experience.

Don’t use a scourer or dish brush as you will scratch the surface of the glass.

Do Leave glasses to air dry on a dish rack then polish away any marks with a lint free cloth,

Do after drying the glasses stand them upright in the cupboard, only store wine glasses upside down if you have a wine glass rack. Odours can become trapped inside the glass when stored in contact with shelf.

Do rinse glasses with water prior to serving wine in them, that way you know that the only flavours and odours in your glass are from the wine you have poured into them.

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