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1.1 How do I get this open? Part 2

Opening a bottle of bubbly can be daunting and feel a bit like you’re handling a loaded weapon. It’s honestly not that tricky to master. Here’s how to open a bottle like a pro.

1) Firstly, make sure your bottle is chilled to the correct temperature (6 to 8 degrees), that should take about four hours in a standard fridge.

If it’s too warm you will end up covered in wine. For the same reason, make sure the bottle has not been shaken and has had time to rest if you have been carrying it about.

2) Remove the foil that covers the wire cage.

3) Loosen the wire cage, keeping your thumb on top, you may find it easier to drape a clean cloth over the top of the bottle for your first few attempts, a bit of a security blanket! You will still need to keep your thumb over the top of the cloth.

4) Important, Once that cage is loose, the pressure in the bottle will start working that cork out. Do not leave unattended. We are at loaded weapon stage!

5) Position the bottle at a 45 degree angle, directing the bottle  away from yourself and others.

6) Hold the base of the bottle, and whilst keeping your thumb over the cage. twist the base of bottle until the cork pops out.

7) Take a clean cloth and carefully wipe down the inner neck of the bottle, removing any  debris.

8) Pour! Start by pouring a small amount of wine into the glass to avoid over-stimulating the bubbles.Give the bubbles time to settle, and then finish pouring the glass until it's three-quarters full.

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