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1.1 How do I get this open? Part 1

There are many types of corkscrew on the market. We would recommend that you look for a Waiter's Friend (sometimes called a Sommelier's knife). This is the style of corkscrew used in bars and restaurants, as well as having a corkscrew, the waiters friend is also equipped with a knife, this is to help you remove the foil that covers the bottle neck (also known as a capsule). How to use.

1) First up, give the foil or capsule a quick wipe with a clean cloth.

2) Take out the knife part of the waiters friend and score firmly around the top of the foil, using the ridge at the neck of the bottle  as a guide.

3) Remove the top piece of the foil, exposing the top of the cork. Put away the knife part of the waiters friend.

4) Take out the corkscrew and open out the sides of the waiters friend.You’ll notice that there is a fulcrum (the hinged bit, usually stainless steel, that will brace against the neck of the bottle).

5) Screw the corkscrew into the cork (aim for the centre) and turn in a clockwise direction. Keep going all the way down, You should be able to gently tilt the waiters friend and the first part of the fulcrum will be positioned at the top of the bottle opening.

6) Once the fulcrum is in place , gently pull up the lever of the waiters friend. You should now be able to position the second part of the fulcrum at the neck of the bottle. You will need to hold that in place.

7) You should be able to gently pull up the lever once more, until, pop… out comes the cork.

8) Take out your clean cloth and carefully wipe down the inner neck of the bottle, removing any  debris.

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