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1.3 Chilling Cheats

It takes four  hours to properly chill a bottle of bubbly from room temperature and an hour and a half for a sauvignon blanc. In the real world, especially  if you’re having an impromptu hang, that can really put a damper on things. Fear not, we have some chilling cheats that will help get perfectly chilled wine in your glass quicker.

Cheat one. Fill a bucket with half cold water and half ice then add a large pinch of salt (a few tablespoons, this helps to lower the water temperature). Submerge your bottle for about fifteen minutes and it should be good to pour. This is my go to method.

Cheat Two. Wet a  tea towel or several paper towels, wrap round your room temperature bottle of wine  and pop in the freezer for ten minutes. It helps if you have an empty freezer shelf as the freezing air can the circulate the bottle thus  aiding the chill.

Cheat Three. Remove the wine from the bottle and put into a or several ziplock bags (a bit of a faff). And then using the same principle as the bucket method, submerge the bags into a container (like an old ice cream tub) with the mixture of ice and water, You should be good to pour in five minutes.

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