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Ideal wine temperature

Sep 25 2019

This time in Beyond The Bottle we're looking at serving temperature. Like a lot of these things, it can seems a bit fussy at first, but you’ll be amazed at what a difference it makes to how your wine tastes. Let's find out why…

Not too hot, not too cold …just right!
Many of us will be familiar with the old Goldilocks conundrum, and that was just porridge! Well, the same philosophy applies to wine temperatures too.

So why's it important to serve wine at the right temperature? Well, as with all our Beyond the Bottle guidance, it comes to down to pleasure. We want you to enjoy your wine at its best, and temperature can have a big impact on that.

Serving wine too cold or too warm is a bit like undercooking or overcooking a good steak: you won’t enjoy it at its best and, frankly, it’s a waste! One of the most common pitfalls is serving white wine too cold – either straight from the fridge or worse, from an ice bucket. At this temperature (around or below 5°C), the flavours, aromas and sensations are flattened. All you really detect is acidity. Conversely, serving a white wine too warm, (above 10-12°C) can make it seem 'flabby' and unfocused. There's an optimum 'just right' window in between.

Serve a wine at its right temperature (according to its style – and your preference) and you'll enjoy at its best. This could mean slightly warmer than you might expect for a white wine, to allow all its aromas to be expressed, or slightly cooler for a red, to tighten up its acidity and fragrant fruity notes.

Use the table above as a guide. As with many things in wine, personal taste may differ from these guidelines, but it should provide you with a handy reference that to see you through many different scenarios.

Just a note: domestic fridges run at around 3-5 °C, and a bottle of wine needs around four hours to get to that temperature. Leave a fully chilled bottle of wine out of the fridge for about half an hour and its temperature raises to 7-10°C, while after an hour it’s around 10-13°C (depending on room temp, obvs.)

Later on in Beyond The Bottle we will look at some quick cooling hacks and storing advice, so stay tuned, and stay cool (pardon the pun)!

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Happy sipping!

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