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The Dos and Don'ts of storing wine

Aug 20 2018

It’s worthwhile making sure you’re storing your wine properly as how wine is stored can really impact the quality of what ends up in your glass.  Here are a few do’s and don’ts for storing unopened wine bottles.

Do store bottles with a natural cork closure horizontally. This keeps the liquid and cork in contact, which stops the cork drying out. Dry corks can break up and be very tricky to remove from the bottle.

Don’t store bottles anywhere they will be exposed to light. Light can impact the colour of the wine and be detrimental to aromas and flavours. Drape a cloth over your wine rack if you don’t have anywhere dark (like an under stair cupboard) to keep it.

Don’t store wine in smelly places. Strong odours like garlic, spices or from cleaning products can seep into the wine through the cork and taint the taste,

Do be mindful about temperature. For long term storage, 11-14 degrees is optimal but if the range is between 6-18 degrees, the wine will be fine. Keeping the temperature constant is key as ageing is slowed by the cold and can be accelerated by heat. Abrupt variations can seriously damage the wine. Never, ever install a wine rack down the side of your oven for this reason. Keeping wine in the kitchen should generally be avoided (unless it’s chilling in the fridge).

Do keep wine away from vibrations. Storing next to your tumble dryer or washing machine is best avoided. Vibrations can impact the molecular structure of wine.
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