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Our winemakers: Casa de Illana

Jan 07 2019

The site

Casa de Illana lies at the very centre of Ribera del Jucar, a hidden gem of Spanish wine as far as we are concerned! The Winery is set over 100 hectares, at an altitude of 740 meters. The ground comprises of clay and calcareous, with both small, soft and round boulders which help with water retention when drought strikes. These natural elements help make this region a real playground for winemakers, but that is not to suggest it’s easy….

The people!

While terroir is important, it's not everything! At the heart of a successful winery are it’s people! Husband and wife, Javier and Carolina together run the day to day operations of the winery, Javier overseeing the vineyards and Carolina the wine production. The pair rather aptly met at wine school! Javier and Carolina are fourth generation winemakers and the tradition, skill and passion from those who preceded them is clear to see.

A winery built on tradition

The winery is committed to maintaining production of grape varietals traditional to the region, but also, in the interest of variety and market expectation produces international noble grapes.

On the estate is an old dove-loft, it has been there since the winery’s inception and its presence has become symbolically important. For this reason, they decided that a dove seemed an apt logo for their wines, not only symbolic but also quite beautiful I think you might agree!

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