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Our winemakers: Bodegas Yuntero

Jan 07 2019

A winery dating back to 1954...

This winery is in Castilla-la-Mancha, one of the most significant, yet underrated wine regions in Spain. It is an interesting region in that much of its success in wine was down to one man, Carlos Falcó Fernandez de Córdova (a bit of a mouthful!) who brought transformative technologies to the area.  

Bodegas Yuntero is part of the Jesús del Perdón Cooperative, established in 1954, comprising 102 winegrowers. In 1955 it opened its doors as a functioning winery and by 1967 it had a 10 million litre capacity. Growth didn’t stop there, by 1976 expansion had enabled a 4000 bottle per hour rate, not half bad! In 1986 they started exporting to Europe and the US. By the ’90s, production had increased to 6,000 bottles per hour with a number of other technological advances enabling the winery to become more efficient. In 2004 the winery began producing organic wines, something we will be touching on more later on!

So what makes the wine so great?!

So now we know a bit more about the winery’s history, let's get down to the nitty-gritty, what makes these wines so great? For starters, the terroir, located along the course of the Guadiana river,  which coupled with the calcareous soils creates ideal geological and micro-climatic conditions. This enables thirteen conventional grape varieties to grow, and eleven organic. Stringent quality control systems ensure and maintain high standards of production leading to delicious and consistent wines.

The wine we stock from this winery is an organic Petit Verdot, Tempranillo blend. Organic wine is on the rise worldwide, what was once a niche market is now becoming more and more ubiquitous. We might be a little bias but we think their wine is fresh, delicious and great value, but don’t take our word for it, check it out on our website!  

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