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3 wine glasses you need in your home

Aug 20 2018

It would be impractical to have specialist glassware for every type of wine. And who has that kind of cupboard space? If you’re looking to invest in some experience-enhancing glassware, then these three types of glass would be our top picks.

Tulip Flute

Traditional flute, coupe or tulip. Which is the best glass for bubbly? The coupe or champagne saucer, though very pretty, has a large surface area exposed to air, this means both bubbles and aromas dissipate quickly. Tall, thin traditional flutes are great for capturing bubbles, rapidly delivering both flavour and aroma. However, due to there being little air space at the top of the flute, the flavours and aromas can be lost very quickly.

Tulip flute glasses are similar in shape to the traditional flute, so capture bubbles well. The wider bowl shape of a tulip glass works to aerate the wine, allowing better development of flavour and aroma. The narrowing of the glass towards the rim helps to hold on to those aromas and focuses them towards the nose. Suitable for all sparkling wines.

Bordeaux glass

Bordeaux glasses are tall, thin and tulip or ‘U’ shaped. They have a taller-than-average bowl that opens wide at the stem and then tapers gently toward the lip, tapering in from the bowl. The glasses are designed to enhance the delivery of flavour, as it allows the wine to proceed directly to the back of the mouth and tongue.  

If you’re looking for a one glass fits all, then the Bordeaux glass is a good option. Perfect for reds like Syrah, Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon. Also suitable for mature whites, like the white wines Bordeaux and the tall bowl gives enough space for bold aromatic wines to open up.  Avoid for delicate wines as the size of the glass will diminish the aromas.

Burgundy/Pinot Noir glass

Shorter than the Bordeaux glass with a bigger bowl that directs the wine to the tip of the tongue so the drinker can better taste delicate flavours. The large surface area of the bowl allows the wine more contact with the air, so more flavour and aroma can be released. The bowl is big but the rim is smaller in diameter,  this helps to concentrate the aromas of the wine. Perfect for Pinot Noir, Barbaresco and showing off Burgundian whites. Also suitable for younger red wines too.

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